Killip Class
Definition of Killip Class:
A finding associated with a patient based on the classification developed by Killip and Kimball, which classifies patients with myocardial infarction based on routine physical examination parameters, such as the presence or absence of rales, or a decreased systolic blood pressure.

Killip class of the patient at the time of hospital admission: Class 1: Absence of rales over the lung fields and absence of S3; Class 2: Rales over 50% or less of the lung fields or the presence of an S3; Class 3: Rales over more than 50% of the lung fields; Class 4: Cardiogenic Shock (An event with systolic BP < 90 mmHg for greater than 1 hour, not responsive to fluid resuscitation alone, and felt to be secondary to cardiac dysfunction. Associated signs of hypoperfusion (cool and clammy skin, oliguria, or altered sensorium) or a cardiac index of less than 2.2 L/min/m2 are present. This includes when the systolic BP increases to > 90 mmHg in response to inotropic agents in less than 1 hour.)
Killip Class is part of the Cardiovascular System Finding group
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